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A studio which propose mixing and mastering of professionnal quality with interesting price !

GDN Studio is the result of more than 10 years of passion and acoustic treatment experience. Why to choose to work with us ?

100% Modern

You are certain to get the sound that you are looking for with mordern technics of mixing and mastering.

100% At your service

A staff available who listen what your are looking for and need

100% Efficacity

Your sound datas are send by using upload platforms like "Wetransfert" or "Dropbox" for a safetier and faster way to work.

100% Good price/quality ratio

We know that investisment on this kind of project can makes you afraid in the first time. That's why our price are adapted for the most economic budgets.

Last production

"Allright but what king of material do they use? "

Mixing/Mastering technics are mainly based on digital treatment. We enjoy of our powerfull desktop to exploit the unlimited possibilities that offer all sounds treatment plugins that we are working with.


PC , intel core I7, 16Go RAM DDR3


Cubase 5 64bits


Tapco S8


Fractal AXE FX II Mark II ; MOTU 828 mkIII Hybrid ; Steinberg UR22

Plugins & VST

Bundle Waves ; Bundle SPL ; Bundle Brainworx ; Isotop OZONE 5 ; Bundle SPL ; Etc... ; Trilogy ; Superior Drummer & EZ Drummer ; EWQL symphonic orchestra ; etc...

"Wow ! but how does it works ?"

You can follow the traditional steps for a good collaboration.

The first step consist to get in touch with the sound engener by completing the complaint form and talk about your project (Sound type, colors, etc...)
In this second step, we need to get your datas sounds and folders (.wave; etc..) by one of theses upload platforms : WETRANSFERT, DROPBOX, Personal FTP.
For this third step, fews days later, we will send you a first sample of mix/master to get your feel about the work and fix in accordance of your needs.
The next step is about give you a version of the work and fix the last details.
The last step consist to send to you by using upload platforms the final work in differents formats like : .Wave; .Mp3; .Ddp (for mastering) or others (to precise by the client)

Pricing Tables

The following list contains all services that we can propose :

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